Senior UX Researcher


You read minds. You know what users want. You are able to sell your ideas to Product Owners that is well supported by data and research.

You are more than just a mind reader looking into crystal balls. Armed with the tools of your trade - Google Analytics, usability and A/B testing tools, you gather insights from hard facts to back up your talk.

You are not just any other UX Researcher. You collect, test, analyse and interpret data to improve the product. You are continuously learning, constantly improving and if that resonates with you, you are then the senior UX Researcher we want in Titansoft.

What a Senior UX Researcher does in Titansoft

  • Understand and incorporate complex technical and business requirements into research protocol
  • Lead independent research to uncover usability issues and take charge of measuring and monitoring UX metrics of products
  • Co-work with Product Owners, Software developers, Data Scientists and the UX team to identify opportunities and bring about product growth
  • Strategize and plan for product growth by using a combination of qualitative and quantitative research to inform decisions and validate assumptions
  • Use storytelling as a way to effectively communicate research findings and insights to diverse stakeholders
  • Be a contributing member of the team by actively mentoring and coaching team members

What we are looking for in a Senior UX Researcher


  • Degree in Computer Science, Communications and Design, Psychology, Information Science and related, or equivalent practical experience


  • 3-5 years of relevant work experience in a UX role
  • Experience in integrating user research into product design and design practices in an agile environment
  • Experience in leading research projects from start to end


  • Strong interpersonal communication skills to be able to co-work with different teams and provide insights to stakeholders
  • Ability to process information in a logical and rational manner
  • Ability to determine and recommend suitable research methodology for each user research project such as but not limited to User interviews, usability testing, A/B testing, surveys, card sort
  • Well-versed with Google Analytics (GA), Google Tag Manager and A/B testing tools (VWO/ Inspectlet)
  • A good understanding of data and statistics

What makes a (super!) Senior UX Researcher in Titansoft AKA the "great to haves"

  • Hands-on experience in recruitment, scheduling and logistics planning for qualitative research

What Everyone gets in Titansoft (psst. We didn't get that Best Tech Company to Work for Award in 2017 for nothing!)

  • 18 days of rest and relaxation for each year. (P.S. It gets even better over the years!)
  • Competitive salaries and bonuses bench-marked against big players in the industry (Yeap, those companies!)
  • Flexible working hours (Sleep in a little longer after fixing that pesky bug from last night)
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage - Very well-stocked pantry (We've never heard of the term 'Hunger Games', nope)
  • Communities of Practice and Workshops catered for your growth and learning
  • Substantial subsidies and programs to keep that creative flow while having fun! (Health promotion program, annual overseas company outing, an annual dinner that nobody will ever forget, etc.)
  • Hardcore work and hardcore fun!

Working at Titansoft will probably be unlike any other careers you have ever had. Discover why you should join us!