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Fields of Expertise

    • Web Hosting

      We are a large-volume expert specializing in Microsoft server-side operating systems including Windows 2012, 2016, and Linux, managing over 500 server groups. Backed by strong technical certification and extensive experience in WAN, LAN, DNS and BGP, we specialize in a wide range of network hardware devices including Cisco switches, F5 Load balancers and Juniper routers.

    • Industry Analysis

      We use comprehensive scientific research and trend analysis to predict long-term performance prospects. By observing market changes and collecting data related to the current state of the industry, we infer patterns and translate them into valuable insights for our products.

    • Cloud Solution

      We use Amazon Web Services and XenServer's virtualization platform to actively promote cloud computing solutions to enhance enterprise efficiency, infrastructure flexibility and security services.

    • Design and Programming

      With C#, .NET Framework and MS SQL as the foundations, we utilise frontend frameworks such as React, Vue, Phaser, TypeScript and responsive CSS to develop and maintain user-friendly, mobile-friendly and feature-rich web applications. In addition, emphasis is placed on performance and security to ensure a smooth experience for end users.

      As part of our technical practices, regular code reviews and pair programming encourage the sharing of ideas and the improvement of our code. While writing unit and end to end tests, we refactor frequently to make the code more readable and maintainable.

    • Creativity and Design

      Our design thinking process is iterative and recursive. Emphasis is placed on gathering insights from user interviews and utilizing behaviour-led design research to understand the user's journey. Sharing of ideas and prioritization constitute the main ideation phase, with constant prototyping and validation taking place in each step of the process for comprehensive usability testing. The creative process is always evolving; in combination with an inventive use of technology, we deliver a delightful experience to the end user.

Our Technical Practices

Code craftsmanship and product ownership stand at the core of our product developement cycles.


Product ownership is key

When we do pair programming,
it's not only a 4-eyes review but also how we develop product ownership in what we deliver. As a team, we adapt to changes and optimise the way we work, focusing on end-to-end value for our users.R

  • Pair Programming

    One codes. The other observes.
    Many programmers code better alone, but we pair to reduce defects in coding.

  • Test-Driven Development

    We adopt TDD by weaving 3 activities tightly: writing unit tests, coding and refactoring.

  • Code Refactoring

    Code refactoring makes the difference between good coders and great coders. Clean code is not an ideal state but always a continuous effort.

  • Code Review

    Teams review code together to get information from an eagle's eye view, exchange knowledge in coding and transfer ideas and skills.

  • Continuous Integration and Delivery

    We use Jenkins and GoCD with automated unit tests to keep up development speed and ship with confidence and quality.

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