Welcoming Guests from Govtech for a Dialogue on Agile!

Singapore Sharings

Our sharing in the Singapore Agile Conference 2 years back brought us some visitors to the Titansoft office today!

Guests from GovTech including a mix of directors, head of various departments across UX, Product, Engineering and Quality Engineering spent an afternoon with our department managers, exchanging thoughts and learning about our Agile practices. The discussion ranged from our Scrum team structure to iterative development and our appraisal methods - how our promotion panels for self-nominated promotion works and the response towards our peer review process.

Revisiting some of the challenges we met with initially when we first started on our Agile transformation journey, there are certainly things we would have done differently if we could start all over again, but in the spirit of "Fail Fast, Fail Forward", we are reminded of how far we have come and our road ahead to "Never Stop Improving"!

Welcoming Guests from Govtech for a Dialogue on Agile!