We've Been Busy at Agile Summit 2019 in Taipei, Taiwan!

Singapore Activities

Fuelling a gathering of minds with coffee at our Agile Café, inviting Linda Rising to give a keynote speech on the Myths and Patterns of Organizational Change, and inviting various trainers to conduct "Hands-On Lab" where participants explore having an Agile mindset beyond traditional software development, to communication techniques, system thinking, sales strategies and UI/UX!

We followed that with a 1-day Problem Solving Workshop conducted by Linda Rising who shared tips to conduct more efficient meetings!

Titansoft Organised Linda Rising's Problem Solving Workshop in Taipei Taiwan

"In a complex adaptive system, we can only probe, watch and learn. The only way to make powerful change is to start with small actions." - Linda Rising

Thanks to all our friends in the community who joined us for the Problem Solving Workshop! Hope you walked away with actionable insights to have more productive meetings and a deeper understanding of System 1 and System 2!

We've Been Busy at Agile Summit 2019 in Taipei, Taiwan!