Titansoft Turns 15!

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Does "15" represents a number, a word or a shape? Does it mean height, weight or age? Can it be 15 meaningful people, 15 things, or 15 places? Or does it represent the past, change or progress? "15" has a different meaning for everyone, what does it mean to you?

For Titansoft, 15 has a special meaning

We are 15 years old. In human terms, we're right in the middle of our teenage years - a time of rapid change, exploration and learning. As we stumbled through these 15 years, we have slowly but steadily gained our footing, with plenty of laughter and tears, exhilaration and appreciation. Along the way, we have come to realize 15 lessons which makes us who we are today.

#TitansoftTurns15, with 15 Lessons

But then again, 15 is just a number

We are 15 years old. But then again, age is just a number. Times might change, but we will always #NeverStopImproving. It is time for us to say Thank You, to all of you who have supported our growth along the way!

For this special occasion, we have created this collection of "15th Anniversary Dice" with the 3 key elements of Titansoft, documenting our history.

**Agile Corporate Culture** Titansoft 15th Anniversary Dice

With an "Agile corporate culture" deeply embedded in Titaners' DNA, we hope to "Never Stop Improving", and at the same time, having effective communication, talent development and an open mindset.

**Continuous Exploration** Self-esteem Toolkit Dice

Everyone has a set of internal resources within themselves that are often forgotten. When you encounter a problem, think about the skills that you already possess but have overlooked, and think about your next step.

**Producers of Fun** King's Cup Dice

Enhancing team communication and deepening our connection through play. Based on the classic game of "King's Cup", we have created the "Titansoft's King's Cup Dice". #ProducersOfFun

Titansoft Turns 15!