Titansoft Named One of Asia’s “Innovative HR Teams 2020” by Human Resources Director (HRD) Magazine

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Titansoft named one of Asia's "Innovative HR Teams 2020" by Human Resources Director (HRD) Magazine

An Agile mindset not just in software development but also in people strategies enables software development company Titansoft to stay at the forefront of workplace innovation

SINGAPORE - May 1, 2020 - Titansoft Pte Ltd's Organisational Development Department has been titled one of Asia's Innovative HR Teams in 2020 by Human Resources Director (HRD) magazine, recognised for having successfully driven innovative initiatives within the organisation.

HRD is a magazine written exclusively for HR directors, senior HR professionals and the top corporate HR decision makers in Asia, an industry-benchmark publication supporting both the business and best practice functional requirements placed on HR managers in their evolving roles.

The report on Innovative HR Teams showcases teams at the forefront of change and innovation in HR strategy and service delivery, from new approaches in recruitment and workplace learning, to reward and recognition programs, use of technology and more. These teams have proven their capabilities in steering conducive cultures, enabling future-forward leadership, or gearing their strategies in a rapidly changing talent landscape. Titansoft receives this honour alongside other spotlighted companies including Aviva, Oracle, Schneider Electric, Shell, Societe Generale and United Overseas Bank Limited.

Titansoft aims to be at the top of their game when it comes to forward-thinking business practices, and a culture propelled by innovative Agile HR methods is at the heart of it. The use of a wide array of workplace tools, together with monthly workshops lead by the HR team enhances the employee experience by fostering openness and growth, ensuring employees reflect core values of the organisation. Pulse surveys provide insights guiding stakeholders in decision making, and open sharing of results and feedback promotes transparency. A unique "self-promotion" process which places initiative for career development in the hands of individual employees is innovative in supporting a culture of "Never Stop Improving" within the learning organisation.

"In spite of being a software development company, we have continuously looked beyond the technical, to keep an Agile mindset with our people development strategies - what we call Agile HR. Forward-thinking practices supports our people to be constantly learning and developing in vertical and horizontal directions, allowing us to maintain our culture as a learning organisation and achieving long term sustainability in a VUCA world," says Jasmine Huang, People & Operations Manager, Titansoft. "None of it would have been possible without a great environment and the right talent. After all, business relies on people."

The full Innovative HR Teams 2020 report can be found at: https://www.hcamag.com/asia/news/special-reports/innovative-hr-teams-2020/220442

About Titansoft Pte Ltd

Headquartered in Singapore, Titansoft is a software development company dedicated to the development and maintenance of online software platforms through Agile Software Development. With extensive experience in software engineering, it offers a wide range of consulting services including market research, server and network development and management, network infrastructure, and cloud deployment.

Recognised for a people-focused culture and capabilities in people development, it has won numerous awards over the years, including the Best Companies To Work For In Asia award in 2018 and 2019 by HR Asia, and the Best Tech Company to Work For award in 2017 by the Singapore Computer Society.

More information about Titansoft Pte Ltd: https://titansoft.com/en/about-us

About the Report

The inaugural HRD Asia Innovative HR Teams 2020 report shines a spotlight on organisations leading the way in HR innovation. By recognising organisations who are pushing the boundaries and thinking bigger, it helps set new benchmarks for HR across a range of industries in the modern business landscape.

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Titansoft Named One of Asia’s “Innovative HR Teams 2020”  by Human Resources Director (HRD) Magazine