Titansoft: An “Unconventional” Company Developers Aspire To

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"Everyone who is looking for a new job should take a look at the working environment provided by Titansoft," says Vignesh, R&D Team Lead based in Titansoft's Singapore Headquarters. "Here, no one is bounded by their job function or title. The flexibility and openness encourages us to try and to learn, allowing both vertical and horizontal developments."

In Titansoft, Every Worker Is as Adaptable as a Chameleon

Headquartered in Singapore, Titansoft Pte Ltd is a software development company dedicated to the development and maintenance of online software platforms. Its employees hail from more than ten countries, and its customers spread all over the globe, which makes their working environment and job scope resemble a small global village.

In recent years, Titansoft has adopted "Agile Development" due to rapid developments in the software development industry, and has become one of the few IT enterprises in Taiwan implementing Agile Development, along with other global names such as Netflix and Spotify. In this way, the corporate culture of Titansoft differs from a traditional enterprise; it is highly adaptable to shifts in the market due to a flat hierarchy, empowerment of their self-managing teams with autonomy, and by engaging in short iterations of Inspect and Adapt.

Eviler who has served as a technical coach in Titansoft for 8 years puts it across straightforwardly, "the most unique feature of Titansoft is its willingness to change, in the sense of a rolling stone gathering no moss. The systematic design of an organisation will reflect on its communication structure. To improve the quality of communication within our teams and performance of our product system design architecture, we should adapt with changes in the broader business environment. Whenever we come across a bottleneck in our operations or a better solution, we will make timely adjustments. This way, we cultivate chameleon-like employees, who can always adapt to the current environment in the best condition."

Take Eviler for example; as he gets promoted into different positions, he has expanded his skills, from focusing on just one specialty to gradually learning to integrate, to keep track of product development, and as well as to grasp the soft skills of management, psychology, and communication.

At first glance, this may look similar to the development path in most companies, where newly promoted managers are forced to learn and grow; however, Eviler points out the subtle difference: "to help employees keep up with Titansoft's pace of constant change, we provide regular learning and training opportunities for every employee, and that as well as mutual motivation among teammates encourage active learning and growth. Most of all, we have time to engage in learning as the company employs flexible working hours."

Senior Developer: Working in Titansoft Is Really Different from Any of My Previous Experiences!

Senior developer Norman who entered Titansoft less than a year ago has already undergone changes himself. He says: "compared with my previous experience of focusing only on coding, here, I pay more attention to the value that my code bring to the products. Because of the flat hierarchy and autonomy provided by the company, I can try almost anything to improve our products and team; and as long as I stay within certain guidelines, I do not have to report through many layers of hierarchy. This is different from the six years of experience that I have had elsewhere."

According to Norman, the development teams in Titansoft come together to discuss product development strategy, assess and plan the project schedule. This way, they can spark different ideas, find the best method, and everyone gets to expand their perspectives by listening to different opinions. Norman says, "Here in Titansoft, time spent on communication is 30% more (than elsewhere). Everyone in the team gets to participate - the team leader is not the only person aware of the bigger picture and will not be making all decisions unilaterally. In turn, we raise our self-expectations to deliver the best quality products." The increase in cost of communication in the short term is a necessary investment, for it helps to effectively target business objectives, reduce iterations of development procedures, and improve product expertise in the long run.

On the other hand, developer Cloud is a fresh graduate. Having started as an intern in Titansoft, Cloud shares his experience with us: "here, everyone has the power to influence; the company has a self-initiated promotion policy open to all developers, based not on seniority but on established criteria across different positions and job grades. If requirements are not met, constructive feedback will be given to help refine your goals. For fresh graduates, this serves as clear guidance for self-improvements and future growth."

Cloud adds that Titansoft always puts the quality of the product first. When a product is launched, there is a sense of accomplishment; therefore he looks forward to work every day.

Product Owner: Titansoft Not Only Gives Autonomy, but Empowers Too!

Leo, who has served in Titansoft for more than five years, started off as a developer in the company. Filled with passion for his products, he took the initiative to apply as a Product Owner. This distinct shift in function resulted in him having to almost start again from scratch.

For employees of Titansoft however, emergent leadership and self-directed learning are already embedded in their DNA. In a working environment filled with learning and growing opportunities, one naturally evolves to become a cross-functional T-Shaped person or multi-skilled "π" -Shaped person.

It is especially the case after Leo switched to being a Product Owner. He not only became the bridge between development teams and the customer, but also takes full responsibility for the performance of his product and team. He feels deeply that Titansoft not only gives autonomy, but also truly empowers their employees. According to Leo: "Because of this empowerment, every developer gets to fully participate in the decision-making process, and in their minds, they regard these products as their own, and thus they are willing to try their best to enhance the product.

In retrospect, Leo feels that his greatest accomplishment in the five years is the courage he gained in trying new things. He says that "in this company, everyone's comments are well-received and well-meaning feedback given in return. You will find yourself able to effect change in the situation and influence the development of the company. Increasingly, people become fond of sharing, willing to devote time and energy to making everything better in this company."

Employees Declare as One: Titansoft Is Truly Unconventional!

Recently awarded as one of the "Best Companies to Work for in Asia" by renowned Human Resources publication HR Asia, Titansoft has become one of the dream companies to work for, for developers. Be it for fresh graduates, the newly recruited, or senior employees, Titansoft is dedicated to providing an environment for multi-functional development and motivation for continuous growth. In particular, everyone working in this company is unanimous in commenting: "Titansoft is truly unconventional!"

Sharing his experience over the past eight years, Eviler says, "You may have many jobs during your lifetime, but if you ever have the opportunity to work in Titansoft, you will be able to experience innovative management practices unconventional to the industry, and I am sure you will not be disappointed!"

Titansoft Awarded Best Employer by HR Asia Taiwan

Source: Translated from Cheers Magazine Digital Feature
Titansoft: An “Unconventional” Company Developers Aspire To